Boston, MA Medical Courier Service

Associated Couriers has been a trusted medical courier in Boston since 1986. Our roots in the radiopharmaceutical industry allow us to understand the needs and urgency of the health care field, always ensuring timely, safe deliveries. We’ve mastered the safe transportation of hazardous materials, medical supplies and specimens, and more. Through dedicated daily routes, next flight out, and overnight services, our highly trained couriers provide the most reliable medical logistics and courier services you need.

Our Boston Medical Courier Service Area

From our Boston hub, ACI covers a 250-mile radius, offering service to not only Boston and Massachusetts, but all of New England. From Albany, NY, Burlington, VT, Portland, ME, Stamford, CT, Rhode Island, Cape Town, and even parts of Canada, ACI can help no matter where you are. Our TSA-certified drivers retrieve and send out deliveries from JFK and BOS airports daily, always ready to provide immediate medical courier services when they matter most.

Boston Medical Courier Services

Every hospital, pharmacy, and medical office in New England is different, and ACI’s wide array of services can provide the best solution for you. Our flexible, timely, and safe services have established ACI as the leading medical courier company in Boston and surrounding areas. From hazardous material shipments, transplants including organs or tissues, or sterile surgical equipment, ACI can assist you with any medical transportation need.

Learn more below about ACI’s medical courier services in the Boston area.


Medical Specimen Logistics

ACI was founded as a medical courier service, and we’ve always been committed to Boston and getting the complex logistics of medical specimen delivery right. Our dedicated daily routes, next flight out services, and temperature-controlled vehicles ensure the timely delivery of your blood work, tissue samples, medical instruments, and more, all handled with the utmost care from our trained couriers. Learn more about ACI’s medical specimen courier services.

Hazardous Material Shipping

Hazardous material shipping is a highly regulated service, and ACI is one of the most trusted medical couriers in Boston to carry out this important task. Our drivers are US DOT Hazmat endorsed, comply with all regulations, and receive extensive training to ensure the safety of themselves and your radiopharmaceutical materials. Throughout New England, we provide same day and on-demand Hazmat courier services, ready at a moment’s notice. Read more about ACI’s certifications, procedures, and accepted hazardous materials.

Life Science Courier Services

From transplant organs, laboratory specimen, and medical devices, ACI’s Boston couriers offer a variety of services that meet your life science logistics needs. Our dedicated and trained drivers in Boston understand the importance of properly handling and delivering these materials, and comply with several regulations to provide safe, on-time deliveries. Learn more about our life science courier services in Boston, temperature-controlled vehicles, safety regulations, and insurance protection policies.  

Clinical Trial Materials

ACI’s Boston clinical trial couriers understand the life-saving medical advances research hospitals like Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s can provide through clinical trials. Whether it’s a laboratory specimen, blood work, or diagnostic material, ACI can provide pick-ups or deliveries same day, overnight, and on-demand, always safely transporting materials in our climate-controlled vehicles. ACI does not take our responsibility lightly of assisting in the transport of clinical trial materials; learn more.

Medical Device Delivery

Whether it’s surgical instruments, surgical supplies, or basic devices and supplies, ACI knows that care and safety are key for medical device delivery. Our Boston drivers provide medical courier services across New England, always ensuring the shipment is on time without any damage. From ground transport to Next Flight Out services, learn more about the devices we deliver, and the best medical device delivery solution we can provide for you.

Sterile & Contaminated Instrument Shipping

As a leading Boston health care courier for over 30 years, ACI’s top priority is to help maintain the public health and safety standards of Boston’s hospitals, surgical centers, and medical offices. The safe transportation of sterile and contaminated instrument shipping is essential in maintaining these standards, and we provide high quality training to our couriers to provide safe and timely deliveries in our temperature-controlled vehicles. Learn more about our certifications and procedures for surgical instrument shipping.

Dedicated Daily Medical Courier Routes in Boston

ACI prides itself on our urgent, on-demand services, but when your shipping needs also require consistent, reliable, and regularly scheduled deliveries, ACI can provide that as well. Our Boston drivers know the ins and outs of New England, providing daily service to Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. ACI utilizes sophisticated software to choose the most strategic and cost-efficient route, day or night, all while ensuring proper handling of your deliveries. Learn more about our dedicated delivery solutions.

Time-Sensitive Medical Courier Services Out of JFK and Logan International

Providing courier solutions for the radiopharmaceutical and medical industries since our founding, ACI understands the urgency and importance of quick and on time deliveries. When a transplant organ is ready to be retrieved or delivered, our TSA certified drivers can quickly navigate through JFK and Logan, providing next flight out shipments 24x7x365. Learn more about our expedited logistics and find the best solution for your time-sensitive medical shipments.


Safe, Trustworthy Medical Courier Services in Boston since 1986

ACI’s dedicated and dependable couriers have been consistently providing top medical courier services in Boston for over 30 years. We understand the importance of your deliveries, and work hard to ensure shipments arrive on time, every time. ACI abides by the highest safety standards, developing an OSHA-compliant biohazard exposure control plan and adhering to all HIPAA guidelines. All employee drivers are TSA certified and have a Hazmat endorsement on their Commercial Driver’s License. For additional information, view our complete list of certifications.

Trust ACI for Medical Deliveries In & Around Boston

With our background in the medical and radiopharmaceutical industries, ACI’s Boston medical couriers have been trusted by the health care field since 1986. With our daily drop-offs and pick-ups at JFK and Logan, as well as dedicated daily routes, our drivers know the complexities of the city, always providing safe, on time deliveries. Request a quote or contact us today to learn how we can provide the best courier service and solution for you. 

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