Immunotherapy Transportation Services

One of the biggest challenges in finding the right immunotherapy transportation service is the need for experienced and trained drivers and ensuring the right temperature in the truck for the safe transport of delicate medical specimen.

Associated Couriers offers Hazmat-certified drivers, climate-controlled vehicles, and dedicated delivery routes nationwide. Learn more about our immunology specimen transport services or request a quote today!

Climate-Controlled Transportation Vehicles

Associated Couriers knows that climate control is critical for medical courier services so medical specimen can arrive at their destination safe and viable. As part of our immunotherapy transportation solutions, we can provide ambient, chilled, or frozen temperature service for samples, tissue, drugs, and more. We do this using our fleet of company-owned vehicles.

Dedicated Routes with Nationwide Service

Associated Couriers offers dedicated delivery routes nationwide with daily stops in over 1,500 cities within 150 miles of our 20 regional hubs. Our dedicated routes allow us to meet time-sensitive delivery deadlines, including middle of the night delivery and next day delivery by 5:00 AM. Find an Associated Couriers hub location near you.

Custom Delivery Solutions

Associated Couriers knows that not all size fits all when it comes to clinical trial transport services. If you can’t find the right delivery and courier service for your clinical trial, talk to our team! We will work with you to determine a custom shipping plan with features like time-critical and regular delivery options. Learn more about our custom courier services.

Custom Delivery Solutions

We know that “one size fits all” doesn’t apply for immunology courier services. This is why we offer custom logistics and courier services to meet the specific needs of the immunology industry. We will work with you to determine your custom shipping plan with features like time-critical and regular delivery options.

Associated Couriers is Hazardous Materials Certified for Maximum Safety

Safety is crucial for all medical delivery services, which is why all of Associated Courier’s employees have to pass Hazmat background checks and all drivers must possess a Hazmat endorsement on their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

Immunotherapy Transportation Services Frequently Asked Questions

Associated Couriers understands that there are many factors to consider when choosing an immunology courier service. Learn more about our services with our frequently-asked questions. Don’t see the answer to your question below? Contact Associated Couriers to learn more about our immunotherapy courier services.

How does Associated Couriers support immunotherapy?

Associated Couriers is supporting research to find cures for disease by providing specialized medical courier services to companies and institutions engaged in immunotherapy research.

Why should I choose Associated Couriers for my immunotherapy transportation services?

Associated Couriers has been the leader in the radiopharmaceutical and medical industry for over 45 years. Our experience and expertise in time-critical medical deliveries means we will deliver your shipment with the same reliability and precision every time.

Get a Quote for Reliable and Safe Courier Services for Immunology

Associated Couriers has been delivering best-in-class courier solutions for immunotherapy research facilities and clinics for over 45 years. Our logistics and transportation services make sure our customers are the primary focus from pick up requests through delivery confirmation.

Interested in learning more about our immunology specimen transport services? Contact the Associated Couriers team for a quote!

Associated Couriers has consistently gone above and beyond to meet our shipping needs. They are flexible, adaptable and reliable. They have consistently delivered on transporting our time-critical shipments within our required transit time.

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