By Partnering with Zipline

Associated Couriers is the first-ever U.S.-based life science logistics company to provide autonomous home delivery, allowing patients to receive essential therapies in as little as 15 minutes.

Traveling more than 300 feet above the ground, Zipline’s Platform 2 Zips:

Travel Safely

Hover Silently

Deliver Gently

The integration between Associated Couriers and Zipline marks a major milestone in life science logistics. We are setting the standard by embracing new innovations that keep pace with patient needs now and in the future.

Providing best-in-class service, support, and technology


Our comprehensive order entry system is user friendly and accessibly from any location.

  • Receive confirmation emails when the order is received, picked up and delivered to its destination

Email confirmation on laptop computer
Track order on cellphone

Chain of Custody

GPS allows for real time tracking through our customized software, with fully integrated barcode scanning.

  • Each pick-up is verified through a special barcode specified to every stop
  • Scanning solution gives us the ability to track individual packages picked up from every office we service

Real-Time Driver Location

Route tracking through our advanced GPS technology.

  • Full shipment visibility
  • View route history anytime
  • See driver route and position in real-time
See real-time driver location on tablet
Temperature monitoring shown on computer screen

Temperature Monitoring

Our specialized temperature monitoring technology tracks and monitors in real time, enabling our team of experts to monitor and intervene to protect product integrity.

  • Flexible packaging solutions for all temperature ranges
  • A dedicated logistics experts provide live updates
  • 24/7 condition and location monitoring

Proof of Delivery

POD has never been simpler with our electronic signature capture and automated POD email notifications.

  • GPS timestamp with every POD
  • Photo on Delivery
  • All historical POD's available through customer portal
Proof of Delivery shown on computer screen