Surgical and Sterilized Instruments Logistics

Safe transportation of sanitized surgical equipment and contaminated instruments is a critical part of maintaining public health and safety standards at local hospitals, surgical centers, and medical offices throughout the US. AC's highly trained drivers are well equipped to transport these items with meticulous attention to detail, in order to meet the time-sensitive needs of your surgeons and patients. 

Properly stored and transported equipment can impact life-saving surgeries, and AC is committed to making sure that strict procedures are always observed. 

  • St. Louis surgical logistics provide same day and next day delivery to almost any location within a 650-mile radius. Middle of the night deliveries are available in order to ensure that all procedures can be completed as scheduled.
  • Shipping surgical equipment in the South? Our Dallas team is fully certified in the safe handling and transportation of sterilized equipment and contaminated medical instruments. We deliver to hospitals and surgery centers throughout the Southwest.
  • Southeast shipping from our Atlanta, Memphis and Charlotte hubs allows for time-critical pick up and delivery of surgical instruments in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.
  • AC's Chicago surgical logistics are intimately familiar with the challenges of sterilized and contaminated deliveries, and undertake extensive training to prepare for a variety of logistics challenges. Along with our Columbus, Detroit, Springfield and Omaha locations, we provide shipping throughout the Midwest.

Our Certifications & Procedures for Surgical Instruments

As medical logistics providers know, meticulous attention to detail is critical in the handling of sterilized and contaminated surgical instruments. All of our employees are required to pass Hazmat background checks, and all drivers must possess Hazmat endorsement on their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). AC has an OSHA-compliant documented biohazard Exposure Control Plan, is TSA Certified, and is fully HIPAA compliant.

All drivers receive frequent and regular training in OSHA biohazard procedures, including how to properly handle spills and other biohazard emergencies. Our dedicated drivers are able to provide collection and delivery at a variety of medical facilities nationwide.

Join Our Growing Team

AC takes pride in providing superior services backed by our team of dedicated drivers and administrators. We have a national network of over 1,200 drivers and staff who are fully trained and certified to assist in handling our customer’s time-critical and life-saving shipments.

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