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At Associated Couriers, we understand that your medical specimen shipments are more than just a box – they’re a lifeline for someone in need. Since 1977, our industry-leading medical couriers have been committed to getting medical specimen delivery right, transporting medical specimens and equipment with the utmost care, on-time every time.

As a medical courier business first and foremost, we are proud to serve customers in the healthcare industry, offering Dedicated Daily Routes and Same-Day delivery options for everything from biological samples to medical supplies, ensuring lab samples are properly handled throughout their journey. Our commitment to getting it right is why hospitals, pharmacies, medical clinics, medical offices, laboratories and medical service providers of all sizes nationwide depend on Associated Couriers every day for their medical specimen transport needs.

Medical Specimens

Temperature Controlled
Medical Specimen Logistics

Proper handling is critical to the viability of UN 3373 shipments, including medical specimens, blood work, urine samples, prescription drugs, biopsies and infectious samples. Our medical specimen couriers take the utmost care in transporting biological specimens. All medical specimen transports including organ & tissue shipments, diagnostic tests and infectious specimens are transported in temperature-controlled containers by certified drivers and delivered on-demand.

Solutions For Transporting
Sterile Instruments

Healthcare facilities depend on sterile instruments every day to ensure that all patient procedures have a safe outcome. Associated Couriers is an ANSI/AAMI ST79: 2017 compliant medical courier, with proven capabilities in delivery of sterile-processed surgical instruments.

We utilize specially outfitted vans to safely transport sterile instruments to hospitals, surgical centers and medical offices with meticulous attention to detail.

Dedicated Daily
Medical Courier Routes

With our competencies built in the medical industry, Associated Couriers knows the importance of time-sensitive medical specimen shipments being delivered by the same driver, on the same route every day. Daily, dedicated medical courier routes allow your facilities staff to develop familiarity with your medical courier, developing peace of mind that the medical shipments your patients or medical lab depends on are on-time and delivered with the utmost care.

Time Sensitive Medical
Courier Services

An urgent need for medical specimens and supplies often has an expiration date – or even hour. As a leading specimen and lab courier services provider, we can help your time-sensitive medical shipments reach their destination across state lines, no matter where that may be within our nationwide service area. Associated Couriers is TSA-certified for next-flight out service, and operates hubs in 20 locations and nearby major US airports. This means medical specimens can be shipped out of Boston and retrieved planeside in Dallas when the next flight lands to be delivered to your destination.


On-Time, Safe Medical Deliveries – Every Time

Timing and safety mean everything in the medical courier industry. With 45 years of experience since our origins as a St. Louis medical courier, leading healthcare providers depend on Associated Couriers 24x7x365 to deliver medical specimens and supplies wherever they need to go.

Whenever and wherever you need support transporting critical medical supplies, our team of certified drivers, industry-leading ANSI/AAMI ST79:2017 compliant program and customized services with real time tracking are here to meet any medical courier need you may have.

We Take Hazardous Material Shipping Seriously

Whether you need to transport medical specimens to a diagnostic laboratory or deliver biohazard materials to a research facility, you can trust Associated Couriers will deliver your items with precision and care.

Lab specimens and biopharmaceuticals require meticulous attention to detail throughout the shipping process. Because these deliveries often need expedited, the margin for error is simply zero.

We make sure that all lab specimen shipments are handled effectively & efficiently, hiring only drug-screened and background checked drivers with Hazmat-endorsed CDL drivers licenses. We have also developed a comprehensive, OSHA-compliant biohazard exposure control plan to ensure safe transfer of medical materials, adhere to HIPAA guidelines and possess TSA STA certifications, getting medical shipments back on the road quickly upon arrival at the airport.

Our vehicles are also temperature-controlled, making fast, safe shipping of ambient, chilled & frozen lab samples possible.

Whether we’re using our shipping containers or yours, Associated Couriers can customize medical courier services designed to fulfill your needs.

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Associated Couriers has consistently gone above and beyond to meet our shipping needs. They are flexible, adaptable, and reliable. They have consistently delivered on transporting our time-critical shipments within our required transit time.

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ACI takes pride in providing superior services backed by our team of dedicated drivers and administrators. We employ more than 1283 company drivers and staff who are fully trained to handle hazardous shipments, time-critical deadlines, and secure deliveries.

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