Life Science Logistics & Courier Services

Finding the right company to handle all your courier service and life science logistics needs can be difficult, as you hold your partners to high standards and several regulations must be met to safely transport critical life sciences materials.

Associated Couriers understands the importance of properly handling and delivering sensitive materials, including medical and laboratory specimen, blood work, organ and tissue shipments, medical devices & more both safely and on-time. Learn more about our life science logistics and courier services below or request a quote today.

Certified Drivers Handle All of Your Life Science Logistics Needs

Our top priority is always safety, both for our drivers and the materials we ship. That’s why all Associated Courier's drivers possess a Hazmat endorsement on their Commercial Driver’s License. Associated Couriers is TSA-certified, CGMP compliant, and fully HIPAA compliant. Learn more about our certifications and endorsements that help us keep your shipment safe.

Secure Solutions for All of Your Life Science Needs

Associated Couriers offers secure solutions for all of your life science logistics needs by providing temperature-controlled vehicles and adhering to strict safety regulations for transplant organs, medical devices, and other types of medical specimen. We offer $250,000 of cargo insurance coverage for each conveyance and $4,000,000 of umbrella insurance for each occurrence. This is the kind of protection that only a serious courier partner for the life science industry can provide.

Associated Couriers' Life Science Logistics Capabilities

Associated Couriers offers a wide variety of life science logistics and courier services to meet many medical and scientific delivery needs. All of our medical and science logistics services are performed with top-level safety and efficiency. Learn more about our specific capabilities below. If you don’t see your specific logistics or courier needs, contact Associated Couriers. We can find a custom delivery solution for you.

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Radiopharmaceutical Delivery

Associated Couriers offers safe, precise, and efficient radiopharmaceutical delivery services. Our team has experience with the safe handling of a variety of radioactive isotopes and is Hazmat-certified. Learn more about our radiopharmaceutical delivery services.

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Immunotherapy Couriers

Associated Couriers has been delivering best-in-class immunotherapy courier services for clinics and research facilities for 45 years. We will deliver your shipment with the same reliability and precision every time. Learn more about our immunotherapy courier services.

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Clinical Trials Couriers

Associated Couriers knows that there are stringent guidelines and regulations for transporting diagnostic specimen and substances for clinical trials. Our clinical trial courier services include climate-controlled, company-owned vehicles and time-sensitive deliveries.

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Medical Device Transportation

Safe and on-time transportation of medical devices and equipment is of the utmost importance. We understand the chances of, and consequences of damages or late deliveries are much more severe with medical devices than with typical deliveries. Associated Couriers always perform medical device transportation with care and safety.

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Cell and Gene Therapy Couriers

Finding the right solution for your cell and gene therapy supply chain can be difficult, but Associated Couriers has the experience to make the delivery and courier side of cell and gene therapy efficient and safe. Learn more about our services for the cell and gene therapy industry.

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Precision Medicine Couriers

Associated Couriers can provide you with the exact delivery services you need to help medication or medical devices arrive when and where you need them to any time around the clock. Learn more about our precision medicine courier services.

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Transplant Organ Couriers

Transplant organ couriers need to be available at any time to transport organs and tissues from donors to transplant facilities. Associated Couriers always follows strict protocols for safe transfer, and we are available at any time, 365 days a year. Learn more about our transplant organ courier services.

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Associated Couriers is a life science logistics expert with 45 years’ experience providing healthcare supply chain solutions by providing time-sensitive shipments and delivering life-saving medications, organs, tissue, and equipment in the most urgent of time frames. Contact us today for a life sciences logistics quote.

Associated Couriers has consistently gone above and beyond to meet our shipping needs. They are flexible, adaptable and reliable. They have consistently delivered on transporting our time-critical shipments within our required transit time.

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ACI takes pride in providing superior services backed by our team of dedicated drivers and administrators. We employ more than 1283 company drivers and staff who are fully trained to handle hazardous shipments, time-critical deadlines, and secure deliveries.

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