Tackling the Toughest Logistics Challenges with Precision and Passion

In the critical field of medical logistics, precision, reliability, and speed are not just goals; they are imperatives. At Associated Couriers, we have built a reputation of trust and excellence with healthcare providers, research institutions, and pharmaceutical executives across the globe. Our journey, spanning over four decades, has seen us evolve from specialists in radiopharmaceutical logistics to leaders in the broader domain of life science logistics, especially with our recent integration into Life Couriers' global network. This strategic move amplifies our service offerings, extends our courier network, and brings our deep-rooted expertise to a wider range of industry categories, all while staying true to our mission: Logistics for Life.

radiopharma logistics

Radiopharmaceutical Logistics

The Challenge: Ensuring Safety and Timeliness
Radiopharmaceutical logistics are fraught with complexities, demanding not just precision but an uncompromising focus on safety and punctuality. Our expertise and specialized capabilities, underscored by our US DOT special permit 8308, uniquely position us to manage these challenges effectively, ensuring that lifesaving radiopharmaceuticals reach their destinations safely and on schedule.

cell and gene therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy Supply Chain Solutions

The Challenge: Maintaining Integrity in Sensitive Shipments
Cell and gene therapies represent the frontier of medical innovation but come with significant logistical challenges, particularly in maintaining the integrity of these highly sensitive shipments. Our solution offers customized transport routes, climate-controlled transportation, and comprehensive support, ensuring that these promising therapies are delivered with the care and urgency they require.

clinical trial

Clinical Trial Logistics

The Challenge: Navigating Global Logistics Complexities
Clinical trials span global distances, presenting a labyrinth of logistical complexities from regulatory compliance to the secure transport of trial materials. Our expertise in clinical trial logistics equips us to navigate these challenges seamlessly, providing end-to-end support for the advancement of medical research and development.

direct to patient

Direct to Patient

The Challenge: Enhancing Access While Preserving Privacy
The shift towards Direct to Patient (DTP) models poses unique challenges in logistics, particularly in balancing enhanced access to therapies with the imperative of preserving patient privacy. Our DTP logistics solutions are designed to meet these challenges head-on, facilitating wider patient access to critical treatments while maintaining strict adherence to privacy regulations.

temperature controlled

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing and Distribution Services

The Challenge: Ensuring Product Integrity through Optimal Storage and Distribution
Effective logistics management for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals extends beyond transportation to include the challenges of storage and distribution. Our state-of-the-art temperature-controlled warehousing solutions ensure that products are stored under optimal conditions and distributed with efficiency and safety, maintaining the integrity of the supply chain from end to end.

With our expanded capabilities through Life Couriers, Associated Couriers reaffirms its commitment to leading the way in medical logistics. Our guiding principle, Logistics for Life, reflects our dedication to excellence in every shipment, understanding that behind each delivery is a patient awaiting a life-improving therapy.

We are poised to meet your toughest logistics challenges across multiple industry categories, combining our heritage of reliability and precision with an expanded global reach. 

Discover how our expanded services can make a difference in your logistics strategy.

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