Medical, Pharmacy & Lab Deliveries Available in Omaha

ACI’s Omaha operation is well positioned to handle medical courier, pharmacy and lab courier delivery needs. Whether you’re sending DME, prescriptions, blood work or other diagnostic samples, ACI will deliver on time, every time. We offer Stat service and scheduled deliveries 24x7x365.

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Medical Specimen & Laboratory Couriers

ACI’s Omaha Medical Specimen Couriers provide delivery of medical and laboratory specimens, blood work, and diagnostic materials. Our team has extensive experience with Class 6.2, A & B and UN 3373 shipments and temperature-controlled transportation. We’ll make sure your medical and laboratory deliveries are on time, every time.

Clinical Trials

ACI’s Omaha Clinical Trial Couriers provide delivery of urgent lab specimens for clinical trials according to your needs. Laboratory specimens, blood work, and diagnostic materials will be expedited with the utmost care. We’ll make sure your medical and laboratory deliveries are on time, every time.


ACI’s Omaha Pharmaceutical Couriers deliver prescriptions to hospitals, pharmacies, long-term care facilities and residences. ACI’s Omaha Couriers use daily dedicated delivery routes to make scheduled deliveries as well as stat deliveries with electronic signature and photo POD.

Radiopharmaceutical Courier

At ACI, our Omaha Couriers are focused on timeliness, safety, and compliance. Dedication to these three elements has allowed us to become the leading provider of radiopharmaceutical courier transportation. All of our courier team members have completed Hazmat background checks and are extensively trained in safe, responsible handling of hazardous materials.


ACI’s Omaha Hazmat Couriers have US DOT Hazmat Endorsements, Certification and extensive training. All drivers are federally screened and background checked, drug screened and field tested prior to being onboarded. All drivers are US DOT compliant for Hazmat Materials transport.

Document Delivery

ACI also provides Document Delivery Couriers in Omaha. Our professional couriers meet your specific requirements for Secured Document Delivery. Same Day delivery is available to Omaha and the surrounding cities.

Dedicated Delivery Routes

ACI offers Dedicated Delivery Routes with daily scheduled service in the Omaha metro area to cities in Nebraska. Our fleet of company-owned vehicles and network of contract drivers provide full coverage both day and night to ensure your freight is delivered as rapidly and reliably as possible.

On-Demand Courier Services

ACI offers On-Demand Courier Service in Omaha. ACI began in the medical courier industry, and is well equipped to meet your Time-Sensitive Logistics deadlines. From our Omaha location, ACI can provide On-Demand and Same-Day shipping to cities in the Omaha metro area and throughout Nebraska.

Next Flight Out

ACI’s Omaha Airport Couriers are conveniently located near Eppley Airfield. They are TSA STA Certified for Cargo Area access for Next Fligh Out service. ACI is an IAC Change 6A Authorized Rep. ACI has the expertise and experience to handle your urgent Next Flight Out shipments 24x7x365. Whether your shipments are domestic or international, ACI’s Next Flight Out Couriers provide reliable and time-critical airport delivery and recovery.

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ACI takes pride in providing superior services backed by our team of dedicated drivers and administrators. We employ more than 225 company drivers and staff who are fully trained to handle hazardous shipments, time-critical deadlines, and secure deliveries.

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