The Benefits Of A Dog-Friendly Workplace

Associated Couriers is proud to be a dog-friendly workplace. Did you know that dog-friendly workplaces have many advantages over other workplaces? Here are just a few reasons why it is beneficial to have fuzzy friends in the workplace:

  • Office Dogs help reduce employee stress: Over the years studies, including those that have went as far as sampling cortisol levels have indicated time and time again that employees are less stressed out with their man’s best friend by their side in the office.
  • Dogs boost office morale: Employees in dog-friendly offices are happier and more content.
  • Dog-friendly workplaces promote productivity: Pets allow employees to step back for a moment from a difficult project before re-focusing on the task at hand
  • Office pups increase communication: What better way to break the ice with a new coworker, or, a visiting client than introducing your dog?
  • Dogs encourage a healthier office lifestyle: A quick walk gets you away from your desk for a few moments to get some much-needed steps in
  • Dog-friendly offices improve employee retention: If you can bring your dog to your current job, why would you want to go work somewhere else where your furry friend must stay at home?
  • Dog-friendly workplaces appear more attractive to prospective employees: If all else is considered equal when contemplating multiple job offers, providing a dog-friendly office can be the difference in keeping a qualified candidate away from a competitor

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