Best Practices for Final Mile Post Expediting

Transporting and delivering ecommerce goods involves complex maneuvering all along the supply chain.

When Final Mile e-commerce goods are sent through Postal Expediting, it’s the final link in the chain before the product reaches consumers. 

Postal expediting requires strict adherence to postal regulations and timely performance. Without advanced tracking technology, high visibility and coordination between all partners, the final mile in Postal Expediting ecommerce shipments would not be possible.

Handling specialized needs of the Postal Expediting ecommerce requires advanced scanning technology, real-time tracking and visibility, in-depth reporting, trained, professional drivers and dispatchers to carefully complete the shipment for success at each stage of the process.

The team at Associated Couriers, Inc. is experienced in final mile postal expediting ecommerce delivery. We work with air ecommerce companies, internet retailers and worldwide express carriers to make sure ecommerce shipments are delivered in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Below are some of the best practices we take to make sure all final mile postal expedition deliveries go off without a hitch.

Manually Scan Parcels

In receiving the ecommerce goods into our system, we take a failsafe approach. There is simply no room for error when handling final mile ecommerce goods.  We manually scan every parcel, package, pallet and mail sack of inbound material upon receipt. That ensures we can account for every parcel of freight we receive from our customers.    

Before sorting incoming parcels, packages, pallets or sacks into one of our daily routes, we perform a Break-Bulk sort of the inbound trailer or truck with the incoming freight scanning each parcel individually.

When loading parcels, we manually scan again before loading the parcels, packages, pallets and mail sacks onto cargo vans or trucks according to their optimized and assigned delivery route.

Finally, upon delivery, each route driver manually scans each parcel, package, pallet or mail sack at the DDU to complete the tracking information.

Use Industry-Leading Software & Reporting Standards

Software is critical to ensuring that the Final Mile goes off without a hitch, helping ensure all goods are received by us, and delivered to their destination in the most time-effective manner.  

  • We work with customers to get an electronic manifest or Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN) of each day’s orders so we can compare them to what we received.
  • We run OS&D Reports (Overage, Shortage & Damage) so we can report to the customer immediately what is missing, extra or damaged from the day’s shipping manifest.
  • We run advanced software to build the most optimized and efficient daily delivery routes and have these routes programmed into our network for each day’s delivery assignments.

Receive Departure Clearance & Track Cargo

Before embarking to their final destination, each ACI route driver checks with their supervisor for a departure clearance so we know exactly when and where each cargo van is and will be on route. Each route driver proceeds to their route making deliveries to US Post Office DDUs (Destination Delivery Unit) with the assigned freight for each DDU.

Ensure Deliveries Are Received by The Local Post Office

Each route driver obtains an electronic signature for proof of delivery from the DDU attendant before departing to complete the delivery. ACI dispatchers follow delivery drivers along their routes to ensure on-time deliveries at the DDUs and assist as needed with any issues.

Our dispatchers proactively monitor movements throughout the process to identify delays & bottlenecks to ensure freight is delivered on-time, securely, and safely. Any delays or route deviations must be identified, reported, and addressed rapidly.

At ACI, security is of utmost importance. To that end, our vehicles are always attended to while going directly from freight recovery to the DDU delivery.

Trust ACI For Your Final Mile Expediting Needs   

Here at Associated Couriers, Inc., we understand the importance of best practices in Final Mile Postal Expediting. Proper handling and shipping of ecommerce is not only time-critical, but also a security issue requiring the highest standards of freight handling care. Our drivers and dispatchers are highly trained professionals who understand both the complexity and importance of high standards. If you would like to know more about our Final Mile Postal Expediting, please schedule a call today.

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