LLG subsidiary Associated Couriers acquires premier delivery service provider: Jet X

St. Louis, MO - Associated Couriers LLC, a leading US supplier for radiopharmaceutical and healthcare logistics, acquires Jet X Delivery Service, thus expanding its footprint as well as its area of expertise.

Jet X was founded in 1972, offering courier and carting services on the East Coast. Present day, Jet X offers several levels of services including on-demand delivery, scheduled routes, and outsourcing dedicated or consolidated fleet replacement.

Matt Silverberg - CEO of Associated Couriers LLC: "With the acquisition of Jet X, Associated Couriers has further solidified our presence in upstate New York as a leader in healthcare logistics. The Jet X team couldn’t be more culturally aligned with our mission of “Getting It Right” for our people and our customers. We’ll be leveraging their years of experience in the Rochester market to continue our strategic expansion focused on being the best life science logistics partner on the planet.”

David Metzger - President of Jet X: "It has been an incredible 25 years and I am thankful for our customers and our employees that have made us a success. I am very excited about what this does for the future for Jet X, our customers and our employees. We have always believed that if we take care of our customers and our employees, the success will follow; and with the culture and leadership at Associated Couriers we will be able to continue to give the great service that our customers have come to expect with the great employees that we have!

About Jet X Delivery Service:

Privately owned and operated, Jet X Delivery Service has been in business for 45 years as a courier and carting business, delivering products to and from vendors for Eastman Kodak Company. Gradually, Jet X expanded both the services offered and the customer base; offering a cross dock facility supporting all needs from shipping to aggregating to storage.

About Associated Couriers:

Associated Couriers LLC, founded in 1977 in St. Louis, MO is a healthcare logistics provider specialized in the radiopharmaceutical and life sciences spaces, offering nationwide coverage with 22 operational hubs.


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