St. Louis-based Associated Couriers Integrates Autonomous Home Delivery of Life Saving Therapies


Jeremy Nulik, Bigwidesky


St. Louis, MO – May 18, 2023 – Associated Couriers LLC, a global healthcare and life science logistics provider, today announced its integration with Zipline, the world’s largest instant delivery and logistics system. By partnering with Zipline and their fast, quiet, sustainable autonomous drones (Zips), Associated Couriers is the first-ever U.S.-based life science logistics company to provide autonomous home delivery, allowing patients to receive essential therapies in as little as 15 minutes.

The initial rollout will include delivery of specialty prescriptions and targeted therapies to long-term healthcare facilities in Long Island, New York. Over time, Associated Couriers expects to scale the Zipline system throughout their U.S. domestic and international footprint.

The key partnership with Zipline is the latest chapter in the rapid expansion of Associated Couriers. Through a combination of organic growth and acquisition strategies, the logistics firm has grown from $26 million to $90 million in revenue over the last three years. And, according to Associated Couriers CEO Matt Silverberg, that trajectory, emboldened by partnerships like the one with Zipline, will continue.

“The partnership with Zipline places us one step closer to our ultimate vision: making life science logistics invisible,” says Silverberg. “For 45 years, we have been the go-to partner for healthcare providers delivering lifesaving, critical products, and this partnership helps us to elevate our systems to match the future of personalized care. Working with Zipline makes sense because, at the end of the day, it is about the number of lives saved and the number of patient outcomes we can help to improve.”

Zipline’s Platform 2 Zips (drones) fly more than 300 feet above the ground and are nearly silent. When the Zip arrives at its destination, it hovers safely and quietly at that altitude, while its fully autonomous delivery droid maneuvers down a tether, steers to the correct location, and gently drops off its package to areas as small as a patio table or the front steps of a home. Zipline’s Platform 2 technology will enable Associated Couriers to use the service as both a hub and spoke model that can deliver in a 10 mile service radius, or as a network in which Zips can travel up to 24 miles each way from dock to dock, and expand a business’ reach.

“Zipline’s instant delivery solution is faster, more convenient and better for the environment than traditional automotive delivery. We provide the best delivery experience on earth for consumers and businesses of any size, industry and location,” said Irene Scher, Senior Vice President of U.S. Go-To-Market at Zipline. “We’re excited to go above and beyond for Associated Couriers’ customers.”

“We’re excited to partner with Associated Couriers to provide faster healthcare support to patients who need it in New York and throughout the country.”

Since it was founded, Zipline has flown more than 40 million autonomous miles and completed more than 600,000 deliveries to customers in seven countries. Recent third-party studies have shown that Zipline’s system saves lives, increases care, and improves patient outcomes. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found an 88% reduction of in-hospital maternal deaths from to postpartum hemorrhage in Rwanda as a result because of Zipline’s logistics and delivery system.

The integration between Associated Couriers and Zipline marks a major milestone in life science logistics, dramatically increasing the accessibility of critical therapies to patients. Now, within the industry, there is a new standard for embracing innovations that keep pace with patient needs and advancements in the quality of care.


Associated Couriers

Founded in 1977 in St. Louis, MO, Associated Couriers Inc. is a global healthcare and life science logistics provider with over 300 employees, 1200 total contract employees, and 25 logistics hubs covering 42 US states and the UK.


Zipline designs, manufactures and operates the world’s largest instant logistics and delivery system and is a trusted logistics and delivery partner by businesses, governments and consumers in 7 countries across 3 continents. The company has flown more than 40 million autonomous miles and completed more than 600,000 commercial deliveries. Zipline is creating the first logistics system that serves all humans equally, with fast, convenient and sustainable deliveries.


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