Associated Couriers Pioneered Radiopharmaceutical Logistics, and We are Still Growing.

 In 1977, a single man in a single van began a courier business that helped transport radiopharmaceuticals, medical samples and supplies, and other critical life sciences items in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

At the time there really wasn’t much of a medical or life sciences transportation industry.

Associated Couriers, LLC helped build this industry, right from the start. Our commitment to “Getting it Right” drove our early success, which helped major national medical companies understand that there is a market for radiopharmaceutical and life sciences logistics. 

That success launched a company that continues to grow.

Associated Couriers is now a leading pharmaceutical courier, providing pharmaceutical transport and logistics services in 39 states from 16 strategic hub locations across the United States. Our recent acquisitions of Specialty Freight & Courier in Florida and HealthEx Courier in New York—along with our warehouse expansion in Missouri—means our ability to transport life-saving treatment will only grow.

Pride in our expansion and success isn’t about our bottom-line.

Our pride comes from knowing just how important our work is.

Because of their nature, radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicines often have an exceptionally short shelf life before the medication degrades. Our ability to deliver medicine on-time, every time can literally be a matter of life and death.

That’s why our mantra of “Getting it Right” is so important.

And so simple. At Associated Couriers LLC, we know we must get it right—and we are proud to say that we get it right. Our team has an unmatched history of delivering medications anywhere, anytime.

Even in the middle of the night.

Our temperature-controlled, company-owned vehicles mean that healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers know they have a transportation partner with the in-house resources to deliver nuclear medicine and other life-saving treatments on the patient’s timeline—which is the only timeline that matters.

Associated Couriers, LLC drivers are also Hazmat certified, background checked, and ready to get behind the wheel and deliver important medicine and sensitive information.

That level of service extends to every industry and business we serve. In addition to radiopharmaceuticals, Associated Couriers delivers medical samples, supplies, and equipment while also serving as a trusted courier in the automotive industry and a reliable final mile partner for e-commerce businesses. 

However, it is our origin as a certified radiopharmaceutical courier that forms the foundation of our commitment to “Getting it Right.”

Where we come from, getting it right isn’t an achievement.

It is an expectation.

In our industry, getting it right should be an expectation.

But because of the complexity of our industry, getting it right is also an achievement.

In other words, getting it right is easier said than done.

Getting it right means making sure every employee knows that they collectively contribute to a mission much greater than any one individual’s role. Getting it right for our customers means that everyone—from drivers to our CEO—must get their individual contribution right.

Because of that commitment, Associated Couriers has grown from one man and one van in 1977 to become a premier provider of radiopharmaceutical, medical, life sciences, and e-commerce transportation and logistics services. Our expansion means that healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers now have a transportation partner with the network of a national shipper, but the customer service of a small business.

A lot has changed since we got our start in the mid-1970s.

Nuclear medicine has become an even more important treatment strategy for serious illnesses, and Associated Couriers can deliver lifesaving treatments with a fleet and a network much larger than just one man and one van.

Thank you for the opportunity to get it right.

We would be proud to be your transportation partner.

Drew Ciembronowicz is Director of Sales and Marketing at Associated Couriers.

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