Associated Couriers, LLC Continues Strategic Expansion by Acquiring HealthEx Courier

ST. LOUIS, MO – March 12, 2021 – Associated Couriers, LLC, the country’s premiere provider of medical courier services, is proud to announce its recent acquisition of HealthEx Courier, a medical and healthcare courier headquartered in New York. The acquisition is one of several strategic steps taken by Associated Couriers to cement its reputation as the leading courier service in the Final Mile, Healthcare and Life Sciences industries.

Founded in 1999, HealthEx Courier is devoted exclusively to healthcare logistics. Their dedicated fleet, healthcare specialists, commitment to professional development, and use of advanced technology has made the company a recognized expert in medical transportation.

The acquisition allows Associated Couriers, LLC to expand medical and final mile logistics support in New York, allowing additional coverage of the eastern region in combination with the company’s existing New Jersey hub.

“Our origin as a radiopharmaceutical courier company means the acquisition of HealthEx is a natural fit,” said Associated Couriers CEO Matt Silverberg. “Their expertise will continue to make Associated Couriers the transportation partner of choice for medical innovators across the country.”

The purchase means that healthcare providers and manufacturers of life saving medicines have a choice to partner with a courier who has the network of a large transportation company and the customer service ethic of a local business.

“Associated Couriers offers service in 40 states and 4,500 zip codes while successfully making 150,000 deliveries a week,” said Silverberg. “That’s what we want the market to know. We take pride in offering a national network and resources while delivering hometown customer service. That is exactly what our partners are looking for, especially in a sector where every second counts and “Getting it Right” is a matter of life and death.”

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